Tadoussac Beach


June 24 to August 22, 2021



Measure as of Monday, July 12: Following government announcements, it will now be authorized to welcome individuals or groups in odd numbers for all our activities.

An accessible beach, a well-sheltered bay and the meeting of the river and the fjord are elements that encourage anyone wishing to experience the thrill of sea kayaking to paddle the mouth of the Saguenay or the dunes of Tadoussac. An activity that will allow you to discover the bay of Tadoussac, its boats as well as to enjoy a unique view of Tadoussac. What an impressive sight when you pass near the Tadoussac - Baie-Sainte-Catherine ferry. Who knows, will we have the chance to observe belugas or minke whales?


 Half day : Depending on the tides (precise daily schedule on the reservation site).

Full day: 8:30 am (schedule on the reservation site).

You must arrive 30 minutes in advance at the sea kayak and ecotour world kisoque on the beach of Tadoussac.

Please note that in case of delay, participants will not be able to join the activity and will not be refunded.

Please allow time to find parking.


Half day: 3.5 hours including 45 minutes of land preparation (interpretation, clothing, adjustment of kayaks, safety rules), 2.5 hours on the water approximately and 15 minutes of finalization (collection, undressing, closing remarks).

Full day: 7.5 hours including 45 minutes of land preparation (interpretation, clothing, adjustment of kayaks, safety rules), 5 hours on the water approximately divided into morning and afternoon, 1h-1h30 of meal time and 15 minutes of finalization (collection, undressing, final word).

A break of at least an hour and a half where you will enjoy a healthy meal including local products will be enjoyed at mid-day. In case of intolerance, allergies or vegetarianism, please contact 418-232-6779 or indicate it in the general comment tab of your online reservation. An option with tofu is available upon request. A $15 credit will be given to your reservation if you need to bring your own lunch.


Must be at least 12 years old.

Each child under 18 years old must be accompagned by an adult.

Pregnant womens under 4 months or over 6 months is not recommended in sea kayaking activities.


Half Day

Adults: $61 + taxes (15%)
Children (16 years old and under) : 45.75$ + taxes (15%)

Full Day

Adults : 137$ + taxes (15%)
Children (16 years old and under) : 102.75$ + taxes (15%)

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Add any other activity offered by Mer et monde écotours and get a 10% discount on the least expensive activity. For $115.00 per adult ($88.45 per child), get a half-day of sea kayaking and a SUP activity, in Tadoussac or Bergeronnes (depending on availability and respective conditions of the selected activities). Available upon reservation by phone.

Recommended equipment (not included)

Equipment provided includes a wetsuit, windbreaker, floatation jacket, neoprene booties, skirt and all navigation equipment (paddle and sea kayak).

For your comfort on warmer days, it is suggested to bring thin synthetic underwear or a swimsuit (avoid cotton), a cap, a pair of sunglasses, a bottle of water and sunscreen.

For cooler days, add thicker synthetic clothing, a warm fleece-type sweater, wool or synthetic socks, a hat, toque or cap.