Bergeronnes, Anse à la Cave


June 19 to September 17, 2021



Following the announcement of the Quebec government concerning the implementation of the vaccination passport, please note that we will apply this measure, as of September 1st, to all our cruises and sea kayaking activities. As of September 1, anyone 13 years of age or older must present a vaccination passport (or proof of vaccination with QR code) and an ID card to take part in these activities.

Formerly called Sounds and Lights, this outing allows us to live unforgettable experiences such as the observation of the phenomenon of bioluminescence and the listening of marine mammals with the help of a hydrophone. In a double kayak, with the help of specialized equipment and supervised by a professional guide, your activity will be the safest and most extraordinary thanks to the calm waters of the river at this time,

Each observation must be appreciated. Indeed, the frequently used expression, "the pool is very big", translates well an often forgotten thought. Whales are scattered over a large area of water and therefore difficult to predict.


9 p.m. to midnight

 Late arrivals won't get the chance to do the activity and won't get refund.


3 hours including 45 minutes of training and introduction.


Must be at least 12 years old.
Must have already undertaken at least one sea kayaking excursion.
Each child under 18 years old must be accompagned by an adult.
Pregnant women under 4 months or over 6 months can't participate in sea kayaking activities.

Any person showing up to the activity under the influence of alcohol will be refused and not refund.


Adults : 73$ + taxes (15%)
Children (under 17) : 53.25$ +taxes (15%)

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Add any other activity offered by Mer et monde écotours and get a 10% discount on the least expensive activity. For $115.00 per adult ($88.45 per child), get a half-day of sea kayaking and a SUP activity, in Tadoussac or Bergeronnes (depending on availability and respective conditions of the selected activities). Available upon reservation by phone.

Recommended equipment (not included)

Equipment provided includes a wetsuit, windbreaker, floatation jacket, neoprene booties, skirt and all navigation equipment (paddle and sea kayak).

For your comfort on warmer days, it is suggested to bring thin synthetic underwear or a swimsuit (avoid cotton), a cap, a pair of sunglasses, a bottle of water and sunscreen.

For cooler days, add thicker synthetic clothing, a warm fleece-type sweater, wool or synthetic socks, a hat, toque or cap.