6 MAY 2020



Can we bring our camera?

It is not recommended to bring you camera because the salt water could splatter on it, which may cause some damage to the mechanism. However, some cameras are adapted for that kind of use. If you choose to bring your camera, there is a pocket in your life jacket where you can keep it.

Is there a better time to be whale watching?

Even though the whale traffic stays relatively similar from day to day, the observations can be easier to make on calm water, with minimal wave and wind. Therefore, we recommend that you favor the morning and evening kayaking activities. The afternoon is generally the windiest time of the day.

Do we go off shore?

We stay close to the coast line for the whole duration of the activity. 'L'Anse à la Cave' is a peninsula that extends far into the St.Lawrence estuary where the seabed is very deep right off the coast. It is therefore not necessary to go off shore to observe the whales and explore marine life.

Can we tip over?

The kayaks are built for the stability and the security of both it's occupants. To be able to tip over, you must make a considerable effort or be stuck in very bad weather, which we don't venture into.

Do you often cancel excursions?

We cancel an excursion about once a week due to strong winds or an imminent storm which would jeopardize the security of the participants. In that case you can either move your activity to another time or simply be reimbursed for the full amount.

What is the minimum recommended age for this activity?

For the half-day activity we accept kids starting from 7 years old that are accompanied by a parent and for the full-day activity we accept kids starting from 12 years old, but strongly recommend 14 years old, considering the lenght of the activity. For family excursions, we recommend you favor the evening activity as the wind tends to decrease at that time of the day.

What are the chances of seeing whales?

It's really rare not to see at least one minke whale during an activity, however, since everything in nature is unpredictable, nothing is ever certain! The content of our excursions is quite informative, so if the whales tend to be a bit scarce the guides always have interesting information about the marine life and love to share stories and tidbits about the area. Also if your goal is to see the biggest variety of marine life; aim for the kayaking activities at 'Anse à la Cave' instead of the ones in Tadoussac as those are more focused around the bay and entrance of the Fjord and the whale sightings there are more limited.

How many participants in a group?

We have a ratio of 8 participants per guide. So a total of 4 tandem kayaks. There can be many groups together for the first hour of the activity, which takes place on land, but once on the water, each group is assigned a guide to make the activity more costum and intimate.




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